"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. for your passion may lead you right into your purpose." 

Christian camp the summer after undergrad graduation to obtaining my Masters in Social Work and now to photographing amazing couples in love, it has all been with the same purpose. It has been about service, relationships, and love.  I didn't know I'd ever have the opportunity to become a wedding photographer, but I am so glad i did. It truly is an honor.

I have loved people since I was little.  I remember breaking up with my first "boyfriend" because he was mean to other people and seeing that hurt my little 4th grade heart! Ha!  I may not have understood what that was at the time, but throughout my life, that compassion for people and and desire to serve them and deeply connect with them has been constant.  From working a 

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Keeper of mama's heart.
Sword-yielding maniacs.
Givers of the best belly laughs.
Master snugglers.

The boys

Mother to 3 wild and crazy boys.
Partner to the love of her life.
Chaser of Jesus
Friend to the best girls she's ever known.


 I'm Michelle...born and raised in  the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, I grew up riding bikes, climbing in our tree house and spending countless hours at the community pool! Now, a mother to three wild boys, my life is one big adventure!  You can usually find us at the beach, snuggled on the couch for movie night,  or having a rap battle on a road trip...really, we love finding any reason to laugh! 

our story

We know that pretty pictures are important, but more important than that is the story they tell.  Our philosophy is simply...document your love story as it unfolds before our eyes, in its raw beauty, full of passion, and overflowing with love, while all the time knowing that this story is not just yours, but that of your children...and their children...and for many generations to come.
This is your legacy of love. 




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